RICK BAILEY, in its sole discretion, may offer a discount or promotion to wedding parties or groups that meet certain requirements established by RICK BAILEY. In order to qualify for such discount or promotion, all members of the wedding party or group shall meet the criteria and comply with the conditions set forth by RICK BAILEY, including the submission of the orders with the time in advance requested by RICK BAILEY.

RICK BAILEY reserves the right to cancel or rescind any discount or promotion code granted to wedding parties or groups if it determines in its sole discretion that a participating customer has violated these Terms or the conditions for such promotion.

Given the limited availability of seasonal products, RICK BAILEY encourages you to select from our on-going selection of products for your wedding party or group, so there’s enough availability of the fabric if a member of your group needs a remake, per these Terms. Please note that selecting a seasonal product for a group increases the chances of the product or fabric running out of stock if a member of your group needs a remake. In such case, RICK BAILEY will ask the member of your group to select a different fabric, per these Terms and will not remake the rest of the orders.

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