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Rick Bailey; a young fashion enthusiast, talent was unearthing and guided by the hands of his older brothers, fellow fashion designers and businessmen, David Bailey and Michael Bailey.

Rick Bailey was born in the Parish of Portland, Jamaica, to parents Richard and Jestina Bailey. He has four (4) brothers, two (2) sisters and is the youngest of his siblings. He is Married, with three (3) sons and two daughters. At the age of five (5) years, Rick developed an early interest in the sewing machine because of the similar notion to that of driving a car.

Rick Bailey Designs emerged from domestic tailoring which was operated by the two older brothers; David and Michael, in the Buff Bay Valley, in the parish of Portland. After realizing that the art could be developed into a career, the Bailey Brothers opened their first tailoring business in the urban Buff Bay area in the 1990s, where they tailored suits for many business class clients such as teachers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Rick would pay close attention to what his elder brothers were doing at the shop back then. During this same time, Rick was attending the Buff Bay High School where he chose clothing and textile as his vocational area. In a class of 23 students Rick was the only male student in attendance, However, despite the doubts amongst his peers, he was exceptional. By the end of his course his clothing and textile teacher became his personal client. His skills in this field, was further honed into a fine art as he became even more aware of the beauty of tailoring.

In 1993, he graduated from high school after working alongside his brothers for 3 years at ‘Bailey’s tailoring.’ In a short span of time, the three brothers became the most recognized tailors in Portland. They were known for their fine tailoring and ability to bring any design to life.

After doing business as the ‘Bailey’s Brothers’ for 3 years, they started to develop separate visions of the direction of tailoring which they wanted to pursue. His brothers; David and Michael, decided to establish a Branch in London, because of the love for European tailoring and still operates as Bailey’s Tailoring today.

Rick, on the other hand, was eager to enter into the local design industry and break away from the traditional tailoring, to design for both men and women. His adventure took him into the big city of Kingston, Jamaica in 1995, where he later opened his first solely owned business, which he named, ‘Rick B’s Fashion.’

This brain child of his, grew and developed into one of Jamaica’s and by extension, the Caribbean’s premiere design houses; which is known for its elegantly suave styling, trend setting designs and precision made garments. In that same length and breath, Rick has grown into a master designer over the years and has transformed the fashion industry and captivated a wide customer base with his then four “F” approach; Fabric, Fit, Finish and Flattery. Shortly after his debut in Kingston He began to dress CVM news anchor Kerlyn Brown which increased publicity of the brand.

This young master mind designer’s motto is “Class is class” as such he has wittingly revolutionized the face of fashion by delivering excellence to his customers and by setting the standard of superb quality by which the fashion industry is judged.

While doing business in Kingston, Rick was privileged to study tailoring in London and maintain the Saville Row W1 standard. Although he was successful, He was eager to learn more about the art of tailoring and accepted master ‘Hue,’ who studied at London College of Fashion and Poly Techniques, as another of his Fashion mentors. It is on such premise that his customer base had rapidly grown and captivated the corporate world, entertainers, media personalities, heads of state of Jamaica such as Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and lovers of fashion from all strata of the society.

Rick B’s fashion had also presented some outstanding collections on the ‘Style Week’ fashion show over the years, which received many media publications for its exceptional designs.

In 2013, Rick decided to migrate to the United States to join his newlywed, Simone, and to extend the Bailey’s presence overseas to a new audience. After a very short stint, he bought Angela’s Custom Tailoring which was owned by a fine Italian tailor; a five-star golden share award tailoring company which was established over 70 plus years and renamed it Rick Bailey Designs International.


This new operation is in the New York City and the tri- state area. This change was a major turning point for the company and the quality of products offered. Rick now produces full canvas Bespoke- handmade suits, which are made from the finest fabrics available in the world, weaved in the best mills in Europe; that along with his website and online boutique which is set to be launched on June 1, 2017. This provides an advantage which gives clients the ability to shop from Rick Bailey Design’s ready to wear collections as well as placing custom orders online from the comfort of their homes. This indeed, demonstrates the drastic growth of Rick Bailey Design over the years.

Rick Bailey Designs International, designs for the business class and functions as a manufacturer for other designers. Rick stepped away from the Jamaican fashion industry in search of more than what it was offering; he decided to watch it from the sideline to see what unique changes he could implement. During his absence from the Jamaican scene he developed a sixth sense and a third eye where fashion is concerned. He is now considered to be a master of the sartorial art. He is on the verge of presenting to Jamaica a new era of tailoring which is influenced by a new evolution of skills. This new era was particularly influenced by the words of his eldest brother and first mentor, David Bailey and I quote, “Rick you need to do it, do it right and do it now."

For those who have checked out Rick Bailey Designs or will do so very soon, will realize that Rick is indeed doing fashion right and he is doing it now.

Our Collection

Collection Name: Rick by Rick Bailey Timeless Elegance

We dress ladies from a simple casual wear to business wear and to a special event.
This Couture collection was inspired by the works of Edward Sexton who took on the challenge of using his knowledge of bespoke tailoring and expertise to develop the women’s pattern. While many bespoke tailors continue to focus on men designs only, I took the approach to design for women as equally as I do for men. Timeless Elegance compliments our collection titled A Cut Above because every well-dressed man needs to be complimented by a well-dressed woman. This collection will consist of practical designs that are relatable rather than conceptual design. We dress ladies from a simple casual wear to business wear and to a special event. This outlines the motive behind this collection.

Collection Name: A Cut Above

This represents timeless pieces for Men of all ages and body types.
A Cut Above is a W1 Saville row inspired collection, raising the bar for fine Bespoke Tailoring. This represents timeless pieces for Men of all ages and body types. Over the years, I studied the history of Saville row tailoring and created a recollection of what tailoring was like back in the day. This collection is solely influenced by old school Saville row bench tailoring with a touch of romance. These pieces are a mixture of casual wear, business wear and special events attire to showcase my diverse ability to dress an individual for any occasion. This collection will consist of a few conversational pieces, we are showcasing real clothes that everyone can use. Many times, people leave a fashion show wondering where they will wear the designs to and who will where them. With our collections, you will be anxious to wear them to an event. We are raising the bar for exceptional clothing and excellent tailoring. No one is able to resist nice clothing.
MR. Rick Bailey

Fashion Shows

2007 : Our fashion show was Style week Jamaica. We were invited to the show two hours before the show to debut our men’s collection. After showing the collection we received a standing ovation and secured our spot on the annual show

Style week Jamaica

2007-2017: Style week Jamaica: Code Red Collection

Atlantic City Fashion Week

2016: Atlantic City Fashion Week: Shared Elegance Collection

New York Fashion Week

2017: New York Fashion Week: A Cut Above Collection

  • Style week Jamaica

    2007-2017: Style week Jamaica: Code Red Collection

  • Atlantic City Fashion Week

    2016: Atlantic City Fashion Week: Shared Elegance Collection

  • New York Fashion Week

    2017: New York Fashion Week: A Cut Above Collection

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